OPT-1008, 3x32 fiber optic natural light red dot ACOG style rifle scope with 3 Picatinny rails.OPT-1008
Model number: OPT-1008
 SEK 1,850  
OPM-1004 Rifle scope (25.4/30 mm tube) saddle with quick releaseOPM-1004
Model Number: OPM-1004
 SEK 540  
OPM-1003 Rifle scope (25.4/30 mm tube) saddle with quick release, extra Picatinny railsOPM-1003
Model Number: OPM-1003
 SEK 590  
OPM-1005 Rifle scope (25.4/30 mm tube) saddle with , extra Picatinny rails and spirit levelOPM-1005
Model Number: OPM-1005
 SEK 620  
OPM-1006 Rifle scope (25.4/30 mm tube) saddle with , 2 extra Picatinny rails , spirit level and angle indicatorOPM-1006
Model Number: OPM-1006
 SEK 690  
OPM-1001 Dual 20 mm Picatinny rail mount, adjustable 15-17 mmOPM-1001
Model Number: OPM-1001
 SEK 155  
OPM-1007 Rifle scope tube to Picatinny rail mount (25.4/30 mm tube)OPM-1007
Model Number: OPM-1007
 SEK 170  
Model "QA", analogue quartz watch, Swiss Ronda PowerTech 515, 1 jewel901-1003
Bissmarck model "QA" is the first in our series of high end analogue quartz watches, designed...
 SEK 2,790  
OPP-1001 Bipod adjustable 27-35 cm, Picatinny rail mountOPP-1001
Model Number: OPP-1001
 SEK 640  
OPM-1002 Convertion rail, 10-11 mm dove tail to 20 mm PicatinnyOPM-1002
Model Number: OPP-1002
 SEK 195  
OPT-1007 (1x) Reflex, red/green dot scope (4 options)OPT-1007
Model Number: OPT-1007
 SEK 1,290  
OPT-1006 A (1-8x24), reticle version "A".OPT-1006 A
Model Number: EVV 1-8X24 A
 SEK 3,490  
OPT-1006 B (1-8x24), reticle version "B".OPT-1006 B
Model Number: EVV 1-8X24 B
 SEK 3,490  
Monocular spotting scope, 25-75x70OPT-2001
Monocular 25-75x70
 SEK 995  

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