Prices and ordering.

All price calculations are based on prices  in the currency "Swedish Krona" (SEK) and prices are automatically  recalculated to other currencies on a daily basis. Input for exchange  rates are automatically dowloaded from The European Central Bank.

Prices and exchange rates may change without prior notice and Bissmarck will only be held responsible for other than the prices agreed at the time of purchase.

VAT should be included for all consumer purchases with delivery within EC. Consumers in EC  pay Swedish VAT (25%) on all products and services/deliveries purchased.

VAT should be excluded for all product purchases with delivery outside EC. Since services/deliveries originate in Sweden, trade legislation stipulates that Swedish VAT (25%) is added on all services/deliveries, even when purchased outside EC.

Prices listed do not include shipment charges unless otherwise stated. Delivery charges are added when  selecting country of delivery/reception when checking out.

Prices listed do not include any form of taxes, VAT or other charges  during transit or reception of products/services outside EC. Bissmarck  will not be held responsible for any charges/costs of this sort.

VAT free purchases by companies within EC is not possible through this webshop. Any such purchases/request must be directed to Bissmarck via e-mail. Payment will be performed via direct bank transfer after verification or order contents, pricing, verfication of VAT status of the purchasing part and all other required terms and conditions of purchase.

Bissmarck will not be held responsible for any faulty pricing or resulting inconvenience or costs (direct or indirect) resulting from force majeure, computer/software errors, hacking/virus infections or any other cause of faulty pricing not intended by Bissmarck, even if a customer has received an automatic confirmation and/or statement of purchase.

Bissmarck may refuse sales to customers where Bissmarck suspects there is any kind of fraudulent intention. Any orders placed will be permanently cancelled and funds paid will be repaid minus any direct or indirect costs Bissmarck may have had as a result of reversing the order/transaction, e.g. card transfer charges or penalty fees.

Bissmarck only accept direct payments via our webshop and direct payments into our bank account. For this reason, all orders placed with Bissmarck are pre-paid in full (including shipment charges) before we proceed with production and delivery.

All products delivered that contain an instruction manual hold only instruction manual in English unless otherwise clearly stated.

Delivery times and order handling.

Since all Bissmarck watches are made to order and are sold exclusively through this webshop, we generally have no stock of fully completed items. Therefore delivering a watch will likely require a few days of final assembly and/or testing after order. Delivery time for watches is typically 1 working week from receival of order until delivery from our store. High or low order load may however result in other delivery times.

Regaring stock items (not watches), delivery is typically performed with 1-2 working days. High or low order load may however result in other delivery times.

Should for some reason Bissmarck be out of stock of watches (watch parts) or stock items or have significant queues in production, e.g. as a result of a high order load, Bissmarck will do its outmost to reduce the delivery time. Bissmarck will then inform the customer in writing and offer customers with a waiting time exceeding 4 weeks the option of cancelling the order without charge, alternately offering other kind of compensation.

Shipment methods and inspection at receival.

All shipments from Bissmarck are insured until customer receival or sign-off, whichever occurs first.
Deliveries from Bissmarck are made by well renowned delivery companies and in custom boxes carrying all necessary handling instructions (shipment symbols) to ensure safe and careful handling during delivery.

Our watches (and other sensitive contents), are always stored in an inner box, providing a second line of protection against wrongful handling. Therefore it is highly unlikely you will receive a shipment that has been handled wrongfully, causing damage to the contents. Regardless of our precautions, please do the following upon receiving a delivery from Bissmarck.

1. When receiving the delivery, inspect the outer box carefully and do not open it if you suspect a damage to the outer box may have damaged the contents. In this case, ensure the representative of the shipment company delivering the box signs a document describing the condition of the box at delivery. Take some digital photographs of the box and inform Bissmarck of the status of the box at reception. It is very likely the items inside are in a good condition, despite minor damages and dirt on the outer box.

2. When opening the outer box, make note of the visual status of the contents before proceeding. Should there be any damage to the contents, please take some digital photographs, make some notes and send the information to Bissmarck.

3. Carefully place the contents of your order on a stabile surface (not in your lap or in a moving vehicle etc) to prevent them from falling.

4. In the case of watches, carefully study the included documents before handling the watch. There are often special handling issues for setting day/date and time and these must be followed zealously to avoid damaging your new watch.

5. All Bissmarck watches are delivered with a seal making practical use of the watch hard until it is removed. When the seal is broken/removed, the watch is considered used and any return right is immediately void. Therefore, never remove the seal if you suspect the watch is damaged as Bissmarck will always consider broken/removed seals a sign of a used watch.

6. When removing the seal, always carefully cut it on the rear side of the watch using a pair of cutting pliers or strong pair of scissors. Never cut the seal on the top side of the watch (to prevent visible scratching) or try and rip it apart (may cause damage).

7. Keep the outer box for possible future shipment of the watch, e.g. if it is sent to service as the box was specifically designed for this purpose.

8. Any other packaging material not required should be recycled in an environmentally friendly way.

If the customer does not pick up the goods or remain unavailable for personal delivery by shipment companies (as per the rules/information of the company responsible for the delivery) and goods are returned to Bissmarck, Bissmarck will hold the goods until a new delivery charge (and return shipment costs) are paid by the customer to Bissmarck. If goods are returned to Bissmarck and the customer does not contact Bissmarck in writing for a new delivery attempt within 12 months from  the first delivery attempt, both the goods and the funds will become the property of Bissmarck (any customer claims are void). After 2 failed delivery attempts, both the goods and the funds will become the property of Bissmarck (any customer claims are void)

Cancelling an order.

Cancelling an order prior to delivery from Bissmarck is possible if Bissmarck has received written request of cancellation 24 hours prior to delivery (due to shipment booking). The funds paid will then be redeposited to the customer account where it came from minus compensation to Bissmarck for costs arising from the cancellation, e.g. bank trasfer charges and credit card charges. The charge for cancelling an order prior to delivery is 300 SEK or 5% of order value, whichever is the highest.

Cancelling an order after receival is not possible unless the item is faulty (special rules apply to trade within Sweden).


Bissmarck offers all customers the rights of Swedish consumer laws, offering among the strongest consumer protections in the world, e.g. a limited non-negotiable warranty on all purchases.

All claims under warranty must first be reported to Bissmarck for advice/action,before action is initiated by third party, or the warranty is void.

In case of disputes, Bissmarck will always seek the advice of the Swedish consumer board.

The warranty is only applicable for imperfections present at delivery. The warranty does not apply to imperfections caused by normal wear or any damages resulting from e.g. hits/impacts, water damage of any sort or other faulty exposure or handling, whether deliberateor the result of accidents/carelessness.

In case of failure of one of our products Bissmarck will only be responsible for effects related directly to the product itself and will not be held responsible for any direct or indirect effects/costs/inconvenience related to anything else.

The warranty does not apply in any case where common sense or a reasonable amount of precaution could have prevented damages.

All electrical products should be carefully inspected on a at least a weekly basis and should be immediately disconnected from mains or battery operation if they are in less than perfect condition and/or there is the slightest doubt that the unit may malfunction and possibly cause direct or indirect damages to itself or anything/anyone else. If electrical units e.g. become warm, develop smoke, an electrical cord is bent or scratched or display any form of imperfection, the unit should be disconnected from mains and battery operation immediately. Bissmarck will in cases of fire and/or any other form damages caused by electrically powered equipment only be responsible for direct damages to the product itself. Electrical appliances should never be used or stored is temperatures outside the span +10 to +30 degrees Celcius or in humidity outside the span 5% to 70% or the warranty is void. Never splash an electrical units with water or other fluid or the warranty is void. All electrical products should only be cleaned using a dry cotton cloth.


Use of this site shall be governed by all applicable Swedish laws and legal disputes will be settled in a Swedish Court of law.

As a volontary action and in respect of consumers anywhere, Bissmarck will, in case of legal disputes, always take advice and guidance of the Swedish consumer board.

All text below in Swedish.

Svenska kunder, gäller utöver villkoren ovan.

Svenska kunder har de rättigheter och skyldigheter som ges av svenska konsumentköplagar, t.ex. distansköplagen. Det betyder bland annat att du som konsument har 14 dagars returrätt på alla produkter du köper på distans om du anmäler detta skriftligen inom 14 dagar från mottagandet. Bissmarck betraktar varan som mottagen 1 dag efter att leveransen ankommit till den utlämningsstation som motsvarar den av köparen specificerade leveransadressen, alternativt vid första leveransförsök om leverans sker via budfirma.

Returrätten förutsätter dock obruten plombering (i förekommande fall). Skulle plomberingen vara bruten anses produkten begagnad och returrätten förfaller omedelbart.

Vid retur ska varan vara i väsentligt oförändrat skick, detta omfattar allt material som följde med i leveransen, t.ex. huvudprodukt, inneremballage, och manual. Vid skador/imperfektioner på returnerat material, emballage eller annat medföljande material kommer prisavdrag att ske i relation till imperfektionerna. Bissmarck har mycket höga kvalitetskrav på produkter och emballage etc och eventuella imperfektioner i returnerat gods kommer att generera mycket märkbara avdrag i returnerad summa till köparen. Var därför MYCKET försiktig vid hanteringen av levererat gods och BRYT INTE PLOMBERING innan du bestämt dig för att behålla varan!

Vid varuretur bekostar kunden en försäkrad återtransport (återbetalas EJ av Bissmarck). Retur av pengar sker skyndsamt och efter att Bissmarck haft en chans att avgöra skicket på returnerat material (gods och emballage etc).

Förutom avdragen nämnda ovan reducerar Bissmarck återbetalningsbeloppet med de faktiska direkta kostnader Bissmarck haft vid varureturen, t.ex. de kortavgifter Bissmarck betalat vid kundens köp och eventuella transaktionskostnader vid retur av pengar för returleveransen.

Notera att samtliga produkter vilka innehåller instruktionsmanual i förekommande fall levereras enbart med instruktionsmanual skriven på engelska.

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